What is this site about?
It's my small attempt to list the fastest times for various road races throughout western North Carolina.

Is this site sanctioned?
No. The site is my personal project.

Where does the data come from?
The data comes from hours spent searching, formatting, and collating race results posted on various websites.

Why don't I see my race time? I ran fast!
I'm only using results from USATF certified races.

I see my name but not my Age or City or something else. What gives?
Unfortunately, there is no universal standard format for race results. Some sets omit certain fields. For example, if the result sets do not include Age, that field will show up a zero here at whosquick.

My race is certified and in WNC, can I get the results included?
Absolutely. Shoot me an email with a link to the results. Better yet, attach a CSV file with the results.

What about trail races?
Right now, my schedule only allows time to process results for road races.