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Lingering Injuries

Submitted by Rush   5/1/2023   13:44:18

At 56, I've had my share of injuries. The last 8 months have been frustrating. I severely dislocated a toe last August (a non-running accident) that required surgery. A total of 8 weeks of zero activity. Finally I was able to walk in normal shoes, then walk hills, then a gradual return to running. I had just had what felt like a really solid week when, in back in February, I caught COVID. Man, has this been a long recovery. I'm still occasionally having days of intense fatigue but the time between those days is growing longer. But as before, I'm back to feeling like I'm putting together a solid week when an old knee injury (don't ever play high school football, folks) has been nagging me. Last Saturday I did 8 miles on the AT. The day was glorious. The trail was full of through hikers and wild flowers. My return leg was 11 minutes faster than my out leg and it felt like days from 2015. But, the next day, I had pain in my right arch, so the rest of the next week was spent running flat. I got a Theragun at Christmas and I've been applying that to my plantar tendons and it seems to be helping.

I really don't want this blog to be a catalog of injuries of an aging runner, but that's where I've been of late.


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